Custom Crafted of Solid Woods in the European Tradition

Measuring & Pricing

Prices range from $2,500 to $10,000 and up.

How to Measure for a Mantel

Of prime importance for accuracy in measuring is:

Mantel Craftsmanship and Measurement

  • Size of the Room
  • Height of the Ceiling
  • Size of the Firebox
  • Masonry or Prefabricated
  • Firebox

This is critical in scaling the mantel so that the proportions are exact to create the perfect focal point for the room.

It is critical to build to “fire code” which generally requires a minimum of 8″ on either side of the firebox for combustible material (i.e. marble, slate, tile, brick, etc.) and 12″ for the top.


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Ordering your custom-sized mantel from Mantels by Meunier requires the following dimensions:

Mantel measuring

Measurement A:
The desired width of the opening, between the two legs of the mantel. This is not the actual width of your fireplace opening, but the width of the fireplace opening, plus the clearance on each side. For example, if your fireplace opening is 40″ wide and your local fire code requires 6″ clearance on each side, then measurement A would be 52″ (6+40+6).

Measurement B:
The height of the mantel opening. This is not the actual height of your fireplace opening, but rather the distance from the hearth (surface on which the mantel legs will rest) to the top of your fireplace opening, plus the proper clearance above the opening. For example, if the top of your fireplace opening is 30″ above the hearth surface and your local fire code requires 12″ clearance between the top of the fireplace and the mantel, then measurement B would be 42″ (30+12).